Chelsie Hubbs

I have always been interested in why. Everyone brand, every idea every person has a story. a reason, a why.  Brands create emotion. We choose the products and people in our life based on how they makes us feel, like the smell of a strong cup of coffee or the feel of soft worn leather or a beautifully curated composition. 

Through life experience, being a mother, travel, success and failure the way I see the world continues to shift and change.  I believe life should be intentional, just like branding. Do all things with purpose or not at all. The message behind your brand should be clear and well executed. 

Our eyes always fall to the prettiest packaging on the market. Our values align with things that seem well-curated for us, the consumer. As a business owner, I have witnessed again and again the difference that brand placement can make in communicating your message to your client. 

Over the last few year I've drawn upon my skills as a designer and brand builder and my experience as a photographer and film maker. I've successfully built two business and branded many others. This is what I was meant to do - tell the stories of brands and the hard working entrepreneurs behind them. I want to help you find your why. 


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