It all started when...

I took a film developing class in college.  I vividly remember working in the dark room listening to I will Follow you into the dark  (cliche) when I realized how much hated organic chemistry and math.  athletic training wasn't going to work.  I packed what fit in my car and moved to South Florida to finish school.  I had some unbelievable opportunities and worked with amazing photographers and advertisers.  A part of me will always believe I was made for the beach but after five years I made my way back to the midwest. home. 

You know that one friend, who puts their playlist on shuffle, and it goes from Johnny Cash to Tupac to Miley to 80's rock and then French Cafè - that's me.  I live on an 80 acre farm but I'm a total foodie. I love a good coffee shop, clean lines, the color white, and any piece of tufted furniture.  

I have an awesome husband who is 110% supportive of my crazy ideas and three beautiful kiddos who hate it when I get out my camera.  I'm forever finding a balance between being Carol Brady and Donald Draper.