Life is messy, beautiful, unexpected, inspiring and sometimes hard.  Life is real.  The unposed moments tell a bigger story than you realize. Nothing is too silly or too boring to photograph. Your children, your home, your life. You'll look back one day and realize that your kids are grown up, your parents are getting older and you'll see how far you've come. Your photos will become more dear to your heart as life changes.  Moms, I know you're tired and you may not feel pretty, but you are. So get in there and smile! Dads, I know, you don't like photos but suck it up! Do it for your family, they love you! Mommies to be, document that belly! All those sleepless nights and heartburn will be more than worth it. One day when it's quiet you'll miss that belly and having to peek over to see your toes.  In all honesty, if I could do this job for free, I would. Guys, this is my passion and I love it. Thank you to all my clients who have become friends. I love watching your families grow!