Hayes Weston Coin

For the past couple weeks I've been trying to find the right words for this post. No matter what I come up with I don't feel it will do the Coin's justice. These two are some of the strongest, patient, faithful and compassionate people I've ever met.  Shaunna and I went to high school together. Her personality is always bubbly, she's always smiling and she could always put people in a good mood. When I met Chris it was obvious why God put them together.  

My first time meeting him was at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their son, Hayes Weston Coin, their beautiful rainbow baby.  Labor and delivery can be stressful, emotional and sometimes very long. Chris added laughter when we needed it, comforted Shaunna through every minute and was just there being so attentive and in tune to what was going on. 

In the OR I saw Shaunna take Chris's hand and ask him if everything was going to be alright.  He leaned down and put his forehead on hers and whatever he said to her made her smile and breath a sigh of relief, which made me do the same.  Take an already emotional situation and multiply it by 100 and you've got a little glimpse into what that OR was like.  

I usually cry in births, friends or complete strangers, it's a beautiful miracle that totally takes my breath away every time. So at this point I was already back in the corner drying my eyes and giving myself a pep talk trying to get it together.

I really can't explain what it looked like, felt like and sounded like to witness Chris and Shaunna seeing their baby for the first time and hearing him cry but that moment will forever be in my heart. Gods work is miraculous and so so beautiful.  

Hayes Weston, you are a lucky little boy with one amazing set of parents and a beautiful guardian angel named Knox.