Chelsie Hubbs



I'm not just here to take pictures...

As a wedding photographer/ videographer, wife and the occasional bridesmaid, I've seen weddings from a few angles.   My job isn't just to take pretty pictures, it's to help my brides plan a beautiful stress free day. While each wedding is unique there are some tips and advice that always seem to help the day run smooth.  Some of you have been planning this day since you were a little girl.  You have a vision of your perfect dress, a beautiful venue and stunning florals. This is the beginning of YOUR family.  One day you'll tell your children stories about how you met and how he proposed. They'll look back on your wedding photos and see their grandparents and great grandparents.  You'll never forget how beautiful you felt or how your heart pounded through your entire body with every step you took walking towards your groom.    He'll remember a room full of people with all eyes on him and all he could see was you.  A brides father walks her down the isle doing his very best to smile when all he wants to do is cry.  A brides mother zips her baby girls wedding dress and remembers the late nights spent rocking her to sleep.  


I have a fun and creative shooting style which is very low-pressure for my couples! Whether it be catching the perfect cinematic aerial shot, or diving in the ocean for an unreal underwater moment, there is nothing I enjoy more than breaking new ground!

Genuine smiles and unscripted laughs. Those are the best.











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